Congratulations to the 2019 Oregon State Leather Title Family!



Introducing the 2019 Mr. Oregon State Leather


Ivarr B. is a pansexual, polyamorous Leatherman, kink philosopher, playful sadist, recovering alcoholic and cheese snob. He was active in the Oklahoma community for many years, until relocating to the PDX area in mid 2018. Previously he has hosted events and fundraisers, offered classes on subjects on negotiation to the psychological building blocks of kinky play, and provided sound and lighting for kinky gatherings of all sizes.

He is part of an anarchic leather family whose collective behavior he once described as ‘Adderall addicted monkeys’. Lately, he’s been falling in love with the PNW and getting out to meet new kinky folks of all types. Ivarr can usually be found, club soda in-hand, on the nearest patio that will let him smoke a cigar as the world goes by.


Introducing the 2019 Ms. Oregon State Leather


Miz Tee is a Leather Woman who knows when to be serious, and when a gigglefit might enhance a scene. She likes theatricality but dislikes drama and historically avoids it. Miz Tee does not claim to be an expert in any area of her kinky pleasures, she practices getting better every chance she gets. Being active in kink on several different levels for over 30 years has given her the opportunity to make a few mistakes and learn from them. Currently in Rainier Oregon, she was on the Board of PLA and Leatherwoods Inc, and on the event Board as well. She was the volunteer and vendor coordinator and DM for Lw. She has taken turns at presenting at Leatherwoods, Paradise, Renegade’s Rendezvous, Bad Girls, PLA, KinkFest and any Tastings event she is asked to attend.


Introducing the 2019 Mx. Oregon State Leather


Joe is a polyamorous Cajun genderqueer Butch Top who has made Portland his home since 2009. He has been a member of PDX Bad Girls since 2011 and is a proud colors holder and serves as board chair. He is a community organizer, advocate and educator on transgender and queer issues and communities. While not effusive, Joe is known for his willingness to step up, take an idea and make it happen. He enjoys being a chivalrous and dapper butch, as well as a creative sadist. Originally from New Orleans, he is a southern gentleman, until he is not. 

Joe is the founder and board chair of BUTCH Voices, a grass roots organization dedicated to all self-identified Masculine of Center people and their allies. He enjoys producing, fostering authentic connections and bringing his big butch woo wherever he goes.


Introducing the 2019 Oregon State Pet


Pup Timber is a non-binary leather pup based in Portland. They describe their breed as some sort of hound, with a preference for Rhodesian ridgeback.

They got involved in the kink scene in southern Oregon after being a safe call for a close friend in college. Curiosity got the best of them and pretty soon they were a regular face at munches and the local dungeon 

After moving to Eugene, Timber gained a reputation as a playful heavy-impact bottom. Their interests have since expanded to include piano, leather, blood, and more blood. 

They were exposed to pet play when they met their Alpha, Turbo, at a convention, but it took another year before they embraced their own pup side. Timber made the trek to Portland for the 2017 O.S.L.C., and two months later they moved to Portland to be with their pack and chosen family.