Oregon State Bootblack

Oregon State Bootblack 2017

Jax Black

It isn’t when you show up, it’s how you show up. Jax found home in the Leather and bootblacking communities a year and a half ago, and has been making up for lost time ever since. A member of PDX Bootblacks, they love any opportunity to black at public events, but are equally passionate about finding all opportunities to offer leather care, from fixing a femme’s heels at IMsL to guiding someone through their first shine poolside at Desire. When they’re not bootblacking, Jax operates a monthly queer dungeon party that raises money for LGBTQ+ organizations, is a patched member of Portland’s chapter of Dykes on Bikes, and can be found baking, woodworking, or enjoying a fine cigar. If they can’t be found, they’re probably on a long motorcycle ride with their partner, Morgan. Jax flags black, grey, and red on the left, and loves boot play, from both sides.







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Past Oregon State Bootblacks

* Nick Elliott also won International Mr. Bootblack 2012

* Sammy also won International Mr. Bootblack 2013

* Dara also won International Ms. Bootblack 2014

*Micky Rebel was also International Ms. Bootblack 2017 1st Runner-Up