Oregon State Bootblack

Oregon State Bootblack 2016

Eric Windham

2016 OSBB - Eric

Eric, also known as the Deviant Gentleman, has been blacking boots since 2001.  While catching drug runners in South America, he found that other sailors hated shining their boots.  With one lightbulb moment, Eric ended up with black hands and pockets full of beer money.  Many years later, he learned that bootblacking was a thing.  Falling in love with it and finding his own style, Eric has dived into blacking head first and hasn’t looked back.  You can find him every weekend at the Eagle Portland.  Combining an aesthetic of classic times and a love of leather and kink, he always aims to give the person sitting for him a unique experience.  Outside of leather, Eric loves cooking and the amazing Oregon wilderness.   Having held an apprenticeship at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon, he enjoys nothing more than feeding his friends, family, and partner, Julia.


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