Oregon State Bootblack

Oregon State Bootblack 2018

seanathan Rebel

A boot loving little puppy, seanathan Rebel found his love of all things Leather in the Alaskan Leather community. It was there he learned the basics of bootblacking and picked up the bootblacking bug. Since moving to Portland in early 2017, seanathan has become a member of PDX-Bootblacks and has blacked at various events. Locally he’s worked the stand at The Eagle, Kinkfest, and the How Queer! Play Party here in Portland. Out of state he’s had the pleasure of working at events such as Folsom St Fair in San Francisco, CA, Leather Reign in Seattle, WA, and International Ms Leather Bootblack in San Jose, CA.  Besides bootblacking, seanathan is also involved in other aspects of the Leather community. He is a little and a puppy, and is a member of PDX Pets and Handlers.  Someone with an oral fixation, seanathan’s favorite hanky is houndstooth and his Daddy is his favorite chewtoy.






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Past Oregon State Bootblacks

* Nick Elliott also won International Mr. Bootblack 2012

* Sammy also won International Mr. Bootblack 2013

* Dara also won International Ms. Bootblack 2014

*Micky Rebel was also International Ms. Bootblack 2017 1st Runner-Up