Meet the Blackout Leather Productions Board of Directors

Bill – President

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Portland has been home for Bill since 2002, after the US army had him all over the United states including the deep south and east coast all the way up to Alaska. He continued his leather conquest in Oregon after 18 years in Alaska. As a retired social worker, Bill now does work which is fun and rewarding, such as chasing pokemon and quilting.

Bill earned the title and sash of Mr. Oregon State Leather 2013 (when we say earned we mean earned, as to how we will leave that to the imagination). Shortly after his reign he joined the BLP board. Bill still lives by the motto that the leather community needs to perpetuate the ideals of HONOR, INTEGRITY, RESPECT, and HONESTY.  Bills 35+ years in the leather community he has grown and evolved.

In addition to BLP, Bill serves on 4 other boards all geared towards serving the community, 2 leather boards, and two boards serving people with HIV.


 Stormy– Vice President

Stormy Styles, Ms. Oregon State Leather 2013, has been fully immersed in the Leather community since 2009 when she dove in heart first to serve wherever she could. She is very active with many groups in the Portland/Metro areas including Bad Girls, Blackout Leather Productions, Boiys in Leather Service,  PDX-PAH and is a founding member and current President of the Portland girls of Leather just to name a few. She has a strong dedication to helping the community thrive and grow hence taking on the role of Chair of the 2015 Oregon Leather Pride committee. In 2012 Stormy was honored with both the Leather Woman of the Year and the Community Choice Rose and Thorn Awards. Stormy is blessed to be the Head of her Leather Family, Storm Heart, is a member of Leather Heart Family and most recently honored and

Micky – Treasurer

James/Pup Zombie – Secretary


Members At Large

Lucky Rebel

Eric Windham

James Hemphill

Jax Black

Roger Ra66it