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Oregon State Puppy 2016




If you’ve ever wanted to donate to your Oregon State Titleholders we  finally have a convenient way for you to do just that. You can donate whatever amount you see fit and all donations are appreciated as every little bit helps your titleholder succeed in their mission. You can donate to Oregon State Puppy’s travel fund in our BLP Store.

Past Oregon State Puppies


History of Oregon State Puppy

The Oregon State Puppy Contest first began as the Oregon Puppy Contest after Billy Senjo and Cair Cannon and a group of handlers and pups attended and participated in the NW Puppy Contest. This group decided to produce a state level contest that would feed into NW Puppy. In February 2014, a large competitor pool that was comprised of all genders and orientations, participated in the Oregon Puppy Contest. At the end of the evening, Pup Blaze was crowned as the winner.

Due to the resounding success of the contest and the explosion of the pup scene, the owners of Oregon Puppy made a decision to offer the contest to Blackout Leather Productions, who has 19 years of producing contests under their belts. With almost no hesitation, the board of Blackout decided to take ownership of the contest and the Oregon State Puppy title was born. The first Oregon State Puppy contest was held in August 2015.